Stickers For Whatsapp Facebook Hike Etc-Android Apps


Stickers For Whatsapp-Android Apps

  • All in One Application STICKER MAKER : Create any sticker whatever you can think of using text, images, emoticons (emoji), Memes (Funny Faces) etc. & share through any of your favorite social networking chat application like whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Hike, Google Allo, wechat etc.d then Click On View Full Size

Application Download Link (Click Google Play Store Image)

  • Write text on Sticker in your own language.
  • All international language are supported.
  • Desi Stickers can also be in any Indian languages like Odia, Bangla, Kanada, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Hindi etc.
  • Happy Birthday / Happy Anniversary Stickers : Write Text on Birthday Buddy Picture and decorate it with balloons, Gift, Cakes and various emojis to create Birthday Stickers/ Birthday Cards etc.
  • LOVE STICKERS : Lots of beautiful Love stickers are available. You can write Text on picture of your loved one decorate it with balloons, hearts, Roses etc. This way you can create Love Stickers as well as Love Card.
  • Photo Collage : Very easy to make beautiful collage using drag and drop of multiple images from camera and gallery.


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